About us


We are an international team of scientists, thought leaders, adventurers, and pioneers who share a collaborative vision and commitment to revolutionize personal safety, risk mitigation and what happens when calamity pierces our lives.

Our mission is to make personal safety common place. Providing technology tools that seamlessly ensure your safety, while delivering assurance to those you love. In the coming months we’ll be introducing a new standard, to ensure you and your families safety.

We hope you’ll join us to bring this movement worldwide. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon we begin this journey serving outdoor enthusiasts seeking a richer experience of life’s soul defining moments.


Ubimodo is leading the development of a new standard of care for personal risk mitigation, providing peace of mind for its users and new technologies for professionals tasked with responding to life’s calamities. It will be delivered via ubimodo's Smart Safety. After years of endeavor, our team of international experts are now drawing closer to making this revolutionary technology stack available to the international market. Driven by the knowledge that panic is not a strategy.


Ubimodo is excited to be the first company to provide its members insurance coverage for the use of an unmanned aerial system (UAS) by professional search and rescue teams. Your safety can be dramatically enhanced with the use of this new emergency management resource. Helping to lower the time to find a missing person, ubimodo’s ground breaking efforts help ensure search and rescue teams have the resources they need to ensure your safety and assist first responders who risk their own safety to help you.


Designed for Outdoor enthusiasts,  ubimodo members can now get affordable air and ground ambulance service unable before. We solve the lack of reciprocity issue between many air ambulance services. The costs of these services being simply astronomical at times, leave many in financial despair. No longer do you need multiple memberships to ensure your financial peace of mind and safety. Now for an affordable fee you will be covered no matter whose services you may need in a time of emergency. Sign up now or give the gift of safety to a loved one. Click here to sign up for ubimodo’s Smart Safety.