The new standard of safety

Our mission is to make personal safety common place by providing technology tools that seamlessly ensure your safety.

The Ubimodo Ecosystem

Ubimodo Risk Mitigation Platform

Ubimodo (Latin for "Where/Now") is a patent-pending risk mitigation platform designed to keep members safe by quickly notifying the correct authorities when things go wrong, and empowering responders with enhanced information and advanced tools to dramatically lower response time in an emergency.

Other services send a message when you arrive, we send one when you don't, then we help find you.

How it works?

Members complete a profile (including designating a Personal Safety Team), then initiate time-bound activities (biking, driving, boating, hiking, etc.) called "modos" on their mobile device using the Ubi Nav App.

The platform monitors member activity and communicates using various messaging options. At the end of the activity, if all goes well, the member closes the modo. If the member does not close the modo, Ubimodo attempts to contact the member or their Safety Team. Failing that, Ubimodo notifies first responders, in the correct jurisdiction, of a possible emergency.

Ubimodo Improves Public Safety

Ubimodo delivers enhanced information to 911 or first responders including: Last known location, key data about member, a probability of area map, and task lists for properly initiating a search. We empower first responders with advanced tools without additional training, equipment, or cost to them - thus lowering response time and time to find.

The New Standard of Safety

Ubimodo is an international team of former law enforcement / SAR experts, technologists, adventurers, and first responders with the mission of revolutionizing personal safety and saving lives.